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“This product is amazing!!. Craftsmanship is superb! I have recommended you to everyone!”
Dan Miller, MN

“I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to give my folks such a one-of-a-kind gift.”
David, LA

Discover the realities and problems of gift selection


Recapture the fun and excitement of gift giving

Never Struggle Again to Buy a Thoughtful and Appropriate Gift – for Any Occasion.

Discover how Encrypta Gifts has transformed da Vinci's CRYPTEX invention into a line of modern-day gift items with almost universal appeal.

From: Al Oelschlaeger
Date: Thursday, 4:30 P.M.
Place: Milwaukee, WI

Access our Shopping Cart to
review the wide range of gift ideas
available from Encrypta Gifts

Dear Friend:

Almost everyone knows what a CRYPTEX is due to the widespread popularity of "The Da Vinci Code" book and movie.

Original Cryptex
Original Cryptex

[In case you missed Dan Brown's global phenomenon, a cryptex is an instrument for delivering private messages where knowledge of a code is required to unlock the cryptex and get access to a hidden cavity inside.]

In fact, exact and close replicas of the movie version are available from several companies. These cryptexes generally have five rotating disks labeled with the entire English alphabet (the code in the book was a five-letter word), and have various mechanisms to set the code (usually requiring the removal of some tiny screws and disassembling the unit).

The book and movie-buff crowd love these products.

However, that's not what this website is about – so, if you're looking for a replica of the cryptex used in "The Da Vinci Code" movie, there are better websites to visit than this one.

No, the purpose of this website is to describe a gift item that's revolutionizing gift-giving.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to never struggle again to buy a thoughtful and appropriate gift – for any occasion – I encourage you to carefully read this letter to the end. I'm confident you'll find the few minutes to do so as definitely worth your time.

What you'll discover is a gift that:

  • Is appropriate for almost for ANY individual and ANY circumstance.
  • Provides as much fun and excitement for the gift giver as for the recipient.
  • Can be coupled with another gift to make it more thoughtful and memorable.
  • Makes the gift opening experience a treasured event.
  • Delivers curiosity, fascination, and intrigue – initially and for years to come.
  • Has almost universal appeal.

“I am more than satisfied with the cryptex I purchased. In fact, I’m ecstatic.
It truly is a unique item and the perfect gift. I am impressed by both the
detailed workmanship and how solid the “box” is.”
           Gerard Angelastro, NY Read more testimonials

See, we at Encrypta Gifts saw a much different opportunity when we learned of da Vinci's invention in 2004. Why? Because of our mission:

"To help people create personal and emotional
connections with each other through gift-giving"

Beech Etched
Beech Cryptex With
Etched Characters

We knew the challenges of giving thoughtful and appropriate gifts and saw the underlying cryptex concept as a breakthrough solution to many of the struggles people experience in gift-selection.

You know the list:

  • Not enough time to shop
  • People who have everything
  • Picking the wrong gift worries
  • Vast number of gift-giving occasions

And you know the frequent result -- throwing up your hands in defeat and settling for a "money-gift" (cash, check, gift-card), an item from a "gift list", or one of the "classics" like a food basket or stuffed animal.

What we saw in da Vinci's invention was the opportunity to change all that and restore the traditional fun and excitement of gift giving.

“Very nice product! We ordered one each for our 17-year-old and 19-year-
old sons for Christmas. It was something they could not anticipate receiving
as a gift--and they liked them! It was fun sharing the cryptexes with our
company for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Our families were intrigued and
enjoyed solving the riddle. We were pleased with the product, your customer
service via email, and your web site.”
           Judy, WI Read more testimonials

We believed it was possible to use the underlying cryptex concept to create a product line with …

Beech with Charcater Inserts
Beech Cryptex With
Character Inserts

…These valued attributes:

  • Suitable for almost any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, an engagement or wedding, graduation, accomplishment (e.g., school, team), or any other celebration.
  • Perfect as a corporate gift for customers, suppliers, board members, and retiring employees, as an award for an important work accomplishment (e.g., top sales person, inventor gets a patent issued, employee of the month), or as a present for attendees at a special meeting or event.
  • Appropriate for any age (over 3), gender, nationality, and personality.
  • Can be configured to produce any of a wide variety of reactions, such as pride, love, surprise, challenge, celebration, mystery and laughter.
  • Can be linked to almost any aspect of a person’s life (e.g., romantic memory, special date, important person, school, historical incident, team, special accomplishment, meaningful event).
  • No matter what the occasion, who the recipient is, or what reaction and linkage being sought, the recipient will almost always experience more curiosity, fascination, and intrigue than with any other gift.
  • Giving one is so captivating, exciting, and fun that the gift-giver almost always experiences as much enjoyment as the recipient.
  • A great gift by itself – but has even more value when partnered with another gift or gifts. Can even transform a "money-gift" into something thoughtful and memorable.
  • Can turn a simple gift opening into an unforgettable day-long, week-long (or even longer) treasured event.
  • Becomes an irresistible conversation piece when displayed by the recipient (which most will do – proudly).
  • Will likely be part of celebrations in the recipient's life for years to come.

Once we saw this opportunity to revolutionize gift-giving, we set out to create a line of cryptexes to take advantage of it.

“I received my wonderful gift yesterday, and tried it out and it works
perfectly. The inscription was also beautifully done. You put Crate & Barrel
and Pottery Barn to shame. It is a gift for my nephew's law school graduation
in January. Can't wait to give it to him. Thank you so much.”
           Claudia, WI Read more testimonials

Our first product was introduced early in 2005 to wild customer acclaim. Since then we've introduced additional products and have more in development and planning.

With all our products, we've strived to optimize them as treasured
gifts rather than just create replicas of da Vinci's invention.

We figured there wasn't a need for another method of delivering private messages (phone, mail, fax and email does a pretty good job) nor too many "truths capable of altering history forever" needing protection.

However, there was a GREAT need for a line of gift items with the attributes listed above.

As a result, we took the cryptex concept and made:

…These gift-optimizing modifications:

  • Seven tumblers instead of five -- to allow for a far greater number of possible secret codes.
  • Tumbler characters can consist of letters, numbers, symbols, blanks, or any combination -- so secret codes are not restricted to just words using letters from the English alphabet.
  • Eight-sided tumblers rather than 26-position cylinders -- to provide the recipient with embedded help to figure out the secret code (e.g., the code must start with one of eight characters). This is a HUGE deal in making the cryptex less frustrating and more fun to open.
  • Stands upright rather than lying on its side -- to be more eye-catching as a display piece and more stable than a horizontal cylinder.
  • Large tumblers and characters – so:
    • Easily read and simple to manipulate, even by older folks.
    • Secret code is easily recognized – even from a distance - when the tumblers are aligned correctly. This adds significantly to its display appeal.
  • Variety of materials and price points -- to ensure an appropriate version is available for any individual and any occasion. More expensive versions use selected hardwoods and precious metals to produce an unmistakable sense of quality (access our Shopping Cart to review our wide selection).
  • Secret codes are set with permanence -- for codes having life-long meaning (e.g., codes related to a wedding, anniversary, graduation, romantic memory, special accomplishment).
  • Layout of all the characters on the seven tumblers is configurable (rather than being set in alphabetical sequence), -- so it's possible to create:
    • "Hidden codes", where recognizable sequences magically appear on other tumbler faces when the secret code is aligned correctly.

    • (Take it from me, these extra codes are GREAT fun!)
  • Customers can select a custom secret code which we set at our factory -- so the cryptex arrives with no further intervention required, other than placing the treasure-gift inside (which, by the way, we can also do prior to shipment for certain types of gifts). 

Can you see how the Encrypta cryptex is so much more appealing as a gift item than the movie version?

"I was a failed finalist in the Google contest. I wish I had realized you crafted
these before I looked at the others. Yours is much, much more of a keepsake
than the Movie ones and I would have loved to have it for my husband in
time for movie premiere (our anniversary is right after)."
           Patrice Read more testimonials

Again, if you're looking for a replica of the cryptex used in "The Da Vinci Code" movie, you should look elsewhere.

But, if you have gifts to buy for family members, friends, or business associates -- for any occasion or circumstance –- can you see how the Encrypta cryptex is a solution to so many of your gift-giving struggles?

That's certainly what our customers say. In fact, people frequently tell us, if da Vinci ever used a cryptex as a gift, he probably built one like ours rather than the version in the movie.

How to Order

Here are the simple steps required to give one of the most thoughtful, fun and exciting gifts available on the planet.

  1. Select a 7-character secret code appropriate for the recipient – such as a riddle answer, romantic message, person's name, date, school or team name, business milestone, patent number, appreciation message, word puzzle, math problem, holiday name, meaningful event. The possibilities are almost endless. To simplify this step, we have over 20 suggestions on our shopping cart with more being added all the time.
  2. Select a treasure-gift to conceal within the cryptex's hidden chamber-key – such as money, gift certificate, jewelry, personal note, treasure hunt clue, key to a gift box, directions to another location for a surprise party, website address with a link to a vacation destination, key to a room filled with gifts. The options are only limited by your creativity. But, even if you decide on the easiest choice of money, I guarantee the cash or check you give will be the most memorable money-gift the recipient has ever received.
  3. Place an order for the most appropriate version of the Encrypta cryptex, given your design preference, the circumstance, and the amount of money you want to spend access our Shopping Cart to review our wide selection).

That's it.

Purchasing a gift for your family, friends and business associates could not be easier.

But, here's the best part. You are going to have a blast giving it. Our customers continue to tell us that the Encrypta cryptex is as much fun to give as it is to receive. I know you'll find each cryptex gift opening to be an experience you'll remember for a long time.

“I can’t remember how I found out about the Encrypta cryptex – but the
moment I went on the website, I knew I had to get it for my fiancé. His
birthday was coming up in a few months and I always try to get him
something meaningful and fun. The code for the cryptex was the day that we
first held hands! When the day of his birthday came, after having dinner with
is family, we presented him with his gifts. Dinner was quiet and uneventful,
but when my fiancé opened the box with the cryptex, everyone started to
get excited and wanted to see the clues. The cryptex just brightened up our
evening and brought life back into the party. My fiancé was so touched, but
frustrated because it took so long to solve the code. The cryptex was truly
magical. Thank you so much!”
           Jennfer Hur, NJ Read more testimonials

… As will the recipient. They'll be talking about and showing off their Encrypta cryptex for years to come.

OK. I'm just about done here.

If you don't realize how great a gift the Encrypta cryptex is by now, I don't know what else I can say to convince you.

So here's what I'd recommend. Purchase just one cryptex, give it to a family member, friend, or business associate, and experience for yourself how much fun you have giving it, how much fun the recipient has getting it, and how much they love it.

Once you do this, I know you'll be hooked and you'll be buying Encrypta cryptexes for everyone.

In fact, that's exactly what's happened to many of our early customers. They bought one and then returned a bit later for many more. Some of our best customers have bought upwards of 75 of them!

“It was a delight to give a gift in which the packaging of the gift became
a keepsake. Doing a custom cryptex with my own riddle surprised, delighted
and challenged not only my son, but everyone at the party. For every puzzle
loving person, this is truly the gift of the year! Your company did a great job
of producing my cryptex and rushing my order to meet my deadline. Thank
you. I’ll be ordering more.”
           Gayle Steiner, WI Read more testimonials

How great is that! Just one place to come for much of your gift-buying.

I sure I hope I've covered all the information necessary for you to become an Encrypta Gifts customer. However, if you still have questions, please call us at 866-254-3812 (be sure to call right away while your questions are still fresh in your mind).

And, whatever you decide, I hope you didn't find reading this letter a waste of time. Obviously, I'd be thrilled if you became a customer of ours so you could thrill the important people in your life with our cryptexes. But, if you don't, I hope you have at least learned some ideas for what makes a great gift.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Al Oelschlaeger
Co-Founder, Encrypta Gifts

P.S. If you still aren't convinced an Encrypta cryptex iis a great gift for almost everyone in your life, I encourage you to review other pages on this website (or you are always welcome to call – 866-254-3812).

  • Check out our wonderful customer feedback to get a glimpse of the magical experience of giving or receiving an Encrypta cryptex
  • Learn how to personalize an Encrypta cryptex for any individual, any circumstance, and any occasion.
  • Review additional product details
  • Access our Shopping Cart to review our wide selection of gift ideas.
  • Read a letter from the designer of the Encrypta cryptex
  • Consider the wide variety of gift applications
  • Try out our online demonstration.


P.S.#2 There are three ways to place an order with us:

·         Access our secure Online System

·         Call us (866-254-3812)

·         Send us a fax (262-375-7509)

P.S.#3 I almost forgot to mention, the Encrypta cryptex is 100% guaranteed: If you aren't completely satisfied with our product, just return it within 90 days for a full refund with absolutely no hassles.

P.S.#4 When you purchase an Encrypta cryptex, we promise to make the entire ordering process as annoyance-free as possible.

"I don't know how many people are on your Encrypta Gifts team, but it felt
like there was always someone assigned specifically to me. Your website is
easy to navigate easy to navigate; your follow-up emails are very helpful and
designed to put customers at ease; and your service reps are very observant
and action oriented. The final product is world class.”
           Anita Hoffman, WI Read more testimonials

“I recently ordered and received an Encrypta cryptex. It was given to my
wife for her birthday.

As she wondered what it was and the people at her party tried to figure out
how to open it, I smiled and knew I had a truly unique gift. I wrote my own
riddle to add a personal touch to the Cryptex's already fine craftsmanship
and uniqueness. I put another note with a short riddle inside the chamber
directing my wife through the house to a place I had hidden her other gift.

It is a wonderful gift and a fine product. The emails and added attention to
detail that your staff provided during the ordering, construction and delivery
made for a great experience. One you rarely find anymore.”
           William Taylor, IN Read more testimonials

The Encrypta cryptexhelping people recapture the fun and excitement of gift-giving .


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