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About Us

Here is a brief summary of our history.

In 1995, Carlos de la Huerga left a senior executive position in the corporate world to fulfill his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship – and has since been issued more than 20 patents and founded 6 companies. One of these companies, Telaric Ideas – an innovation and intellectual property firm – is the parent company of Encrypta Gifts.

Encrypta Gifts came into existence due to Carlos’ efforts to find a perfect gift for his daughter’s ninth birthday. Due to his passion for innovation, selecting a run-of-the-mill present from one of the Big Box stores was NOT an option.

So, the creative juices started flowing – and after a couple of weeks of thought and a long weekend in the basement woodworking shop of a fellow Telaric Ideas partner, his daughter’s ninth birthday present was complete.

To no one’s surprise, his daughter loved it – and so did everyone else who had the chance to see and hold it. So with the encouragement of his family, friends and business partners, Encrypta Gifts was formed shortly thereafter.

Today, Encrypta Gifts is delighted to offer gift-givers far and wide the world’s perfect gift

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