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“Everything is great. My wife loved it. Thanks – I recommend you guys to everyone!”
Jonathan, CA


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Learn more details about the Encrypta cryptex,
including the available models and options.

How the Cryptex Works

The Encrypta cryptex is modeled after a device believed to have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci as an instrument for delivering private messages. A secret code unlocks the cryptex (by aligning the seven rotating tumblers in a sequence matching the code), providing access to a hidden-chamber key in which a gift-treasure is placed.

It is also possible to arrange the characters on the tumblers such that "hidden codes" (words or other character sequences that appear on other tumbler faces when the secret code has been correctly dialed in) exist.

You can further personalize the cryptex with a message printed on the Encrypta greeting card, Encrypta notepaper or cryptex bottom plate.

Cryptex Models Available

The Encrypta cryptex is currently available in three configurations:

  • Laser-Etched model – where the secret code and other characters are etched directly into the wood at our factory by a laser-cutting device.
  • Tumbler-Insert model – where the secret code and other characters can be set by the customer. This model comes with a set of permanent adhesive tumbler inserts (4 of each letter, 3 blanks, and some other characters – made of polycarbonate material) for placement in the recesses etched into each tumbler face.
  • Premier Laser-Etched model – which is handcrafted from special materials selected by customer.

Then there are two choices of materials:

  • Cherry wood and solid brass.
  • Beech wood and chrome-plated steel.

Finally, for the laser-etched model, there are three options for selecting a secret code:

  • Custom – where you select any secret code (letter, numbers, symbols, blanks, or any combination) and can add "hidden" codes.
  • Riddle/Secret Code Combination – where you select from our list of riddles where the riddle answer is the secret code. Click here for list.
  • Pre-Set Secret Code – where you select from our list of popular secret codes. See shopping cart for list.

Additional Personalization Options

  • Laser-etched "hidden" codes.
  • Custom printed brass plate (placed on underside of bottom plate)
  • Custom laser-etched bottom plate (underside)
  • Custom printing of greeting card or notepaper

Other Options

  • Black velvet bag
  • Lockable wood box
  • Additional laser-etch wood tumblers (for changing secret code on Laser-Etched model)

More Details

If there are other details you want to know, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


7 ½” tall, 2 ¾” across



7 with 8 sides per tumbler

Chamber-key cavity:   

3/4" in diameter and 4 inches long, (cherry/sold brass version includes a "ring cutout")

What's included:

1 Encrypta cryptex
1 Encrypta greeting card
1 sheet of Encrypta notepaper
Encrypta cryptex history and instruction card
Set of tumbler inserts and set-up instructions (Tumbler-Insert model only)


If you aren’t completely satisfied with your cryptex, just return it within 90 days for a full refund with absolutely no hassles.


Tumbler-Insert model will ship within 5 business days.

Laser-Etched model will generally ship within 2 - 3 weeks.

Cryptex is enclosed with bubble-wrap and placed in a gift box. The gift box is then package in a separate shipping box.

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