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Cryptex Fun

Try the online demonstration below to get a taste
for the fun an Encrypta cryptex can deliver.

Obviously, we can't match the experience of actually holding a cryptex in your hand and manipulating the solid wood tumblers, but this demonstration should give you some idea how the cryptex works.

The secret code for this demonstration cryptex is the answer to the riddle below. To spin a tumbler, just click on an arrow.

If you want to receive a series of four emails with hints for the answer to this riddle, please provide us with your email address in the box below.

Practice riddle:

Something that you want to be
   Something you can try to be
      Something no one can ever be
          What is it?

To receive a series of hints by email over the next four days for the above riddle, please enter your email address and click on Submit. The final email in the series will provide you with the correct answer to the riddle.
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Want to have even more Cryptex Fun!

Visit WebCryptex.com and learn how you can:

  • Send a FREE digital cryptex to your friends and family
  • Test your riddle-solving skills with a daily cryptex challenge delivered to your Google home page.

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