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“Thank you for making the process so enjoyable. A great Internet purchase experience!”
Brian, Overseas Military

“Service and commitment like the one from your company is rare to find in these days."
Patricia, FL

“I couldn’t be happier with my cryptex, but the best part was the customer service. Never have I seen this from any company.”
Ron Beauford, OK

“I have never in my 73 years had such thorough and intriguing follow-up with a purchase”
Jane, WI

“Hey! Thank you guyz for your genuine concern and amazing customer service!”
Kevin, IL


Shopping Cart Access

Access our Shopping Cart to review the wide range of gift ideas available from Encrypta Gifts.

Purchasing an Encrypta cryptex (or any of our other Encrypta products and services) is simple. You can:

·         Order over the phone by calling 866-254-3812 toll free.

·         Fax your order to 262-375-7509.

·         Place your order via our secure online shopping system.

The best place to start is our Shopping Cart where you can review the wide range of gift ideas available from Encrypta Gifts. There you will find information and pricing for all our cryptex models, personalization options, accessories, and gift services.

To ensure you select the perfect gift(s), we encourage you to review the entire cart to see the complete range of what's available. For example, cryptexes are available at prices starting at $44.95, but you can also spend over $400.00 for a custom, handcrafted version.

NOTE: We ship orders worldwide. At checkout, you'll be asked to select the appropriate shipping option for your location. To review shipping costs before checkout, click here (these costs do not include any tariffs or fees for which you may be responsible). 

NOTE: If you order any items requiring personalization, we'll immediately send you instructions on how to submit your choices by email. The expected time required for personalization is listed in the description of each product.

Ordering Steps:

1.      Peruse our Shopping Cart

2.      Decide what to purchase

3.      Place your order by:

o        Using our online system

o        Calling us (866-254-3812)

o        Faxing us (262-375-7509).

Alternatively, if you just want to purchase 1 Encrypta cryptex in the LASER-ETCHED model with a CUSTOM secret code ($79.95), a one-page online order form is available that allows you to submit your secret code selection at the time of your order.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email us
(Sales@EncryptaGifts.com) or call (866-254-3812).


"I don't know how many people are on your Encrypta Gifts team, but it felt
like there was always someone assigned specifically to me. Your website is
easy to navigate easy to navigate; your follow-up emails are very helpful and
designed to put customers at ease; and your service reps are very observant
and action oriented. The final product is world class.”

           Anita Hoffman, WI

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