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Read the wonderful feedback we've received
from both givers and recipients of the Encrypta cryptex.

Since introducing the Encrypta cryptex in April of 2005, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from our customers. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve heard from the members of our "world’s perfect gift” club.

"Very well crafted product. Placed my second order -- a cryptex for my daughter in Germany. First one was for my wife. Excellent gift; creative to customize and e-mail clues. Product has wide understanding, to the popularity of "Da Vinci Code" promotions."

James Huhta, WI

"Greetings! Thank you for the updates on my cryptex. I know my husband will love it. It is a 31st anniversary gift. I still haven't decided what I will put in it (and unfortunately, the only other thing he really wants is a 25 foot windmill, and I don't think I can get that into the cryptex…:>). So I will have a few more days to decide…

I am planning on ordering two more of the cryptexes. Christmas is just around the corner and I think my adult sons will enjoy getting them. At least it will be something different! Once again, thank you for offering such an unusual gift! "

Barbara Placho

"Pam was thrilled to receive the Encrypta cryptex. We have traveled to Europe and she is very interested in visiting the places cited in the book "The Da Vinci Code." She knew exactly what it was at first sight and is happy to have a new "hiding place."

Nancy Elsing, WI

"I would like to let you know that the gifts arrive this morning and they look great. Everyone here loves them and thinks they are very cool and I'm sure the people who these will be given to will think the same as well. Thanks again for all of your help. We will absolutely keep you in mind for the future!"

Sienna Babb

"Thank you for this opportunity to share my Encrypta Gifts experience with you. In short, it was everything I'd hoped it would be plus a bit more. Thank you for the best gift I've ever given......she actually thinks I'm smart because I found such a cool gift delivery system!"

Kris Blanch, AZ

"Wow, that was really quick! Thanks for letting me know that my cryptex has shipped. I really look forward to it arriving. I know my wife will be over the moon when she opens it on our anniversary. Many, many thanks for all your help. It's been a great pleasure dealing with you, and fun too!"

Peter, United Kingdom

I received your cryptex today, my God it's beautiful. I am a bit ashamed to say this, but when I first purchased it, I was doubting the overall product. I never imagined it would be of such beautiful craftsmanship. I'm truly grateful for this product and, when the time for me to give my gift comes, I am sure it will be one of her happiest moments. Thank you again and expect to see another order for me in the near future.

Jesus, US Military

"We love the cryptex and plan on ordering some for our Christmas gifts this year. They are really special! I sent my husband on a treasure hunt for his cryptex, complete with clues and a map. This absolutely topped every surprise he has ever come up with for me. We are going to do the same thing for our friends. What a terrific item and such a keepsake. And what great customer service! I am going to recommend you to all my fellow da Vinci and/or puzzle, antiquity addicts because it is plain to see this is a very nice gift keepsake. Thank you, thank you!"

Patrice, FL

"I had a somewhat complicated order this time. I needed two wrong answers to the riddle and then, of course the correct answer to open the cryptex. I used a riddle that only my boyfriend knew the answer to for each letter of the answer. He lives in Scotland and I had the cryptex sent to my sister in LA for her to ship it to Scotland. I love the cryptex company you have created! Thank you!"

Kim, WA

"I don't generally take the time to provide feedback on my purchases; however, due to the amazing service I received from your company, I feel compelled to take a few minutes to return the favor and express my gratitude to you and your employees. First of all I'd like to say that the cryptex I purchased was a gift for my best friend's graduation. She is a very big fan of the "Da Vinci Code" so getting her very own cryptex was a great joy. She is entering graduate school for journalism and claims it makes the perfect decoration for her desk. It was a great pleasure to do business with your company and I've already spread the good word about your business to quite a few people who were curious about where I found such a unique gift. Thank you so very much!!"

Jeff Tichenor, MI

"My husband loved it! She is reading the "Da Vinci Code" for the second time, so it was a timely gift. The word is lovely, as is the entire piece. It looks nice on his desk."

Ann Adams, TX

"I purchased this is a member of a Masonic lodge. We invite the public in periodically for themed event. Everyone loves your cryptex."

Russ Silvey, CO

"I was really happy with the quality and workmanship found in your product and wish great things for you and your company. Thank you."

Andrew Rapkin, MO

For my girlfriend’s birthday, I designed a treasure hunt around the cryptex. Each clue was accompanied by a present and that would point to the next clue. Clues were hidden in many places around the house. Some were written as riddles, some in foreign languages, and some in code. Finally, she discovered the password and opened the cryptex to find a pair of diamond earrings. This made her birthday extremely special and truly memorable! I even videotaped the whole experience. The cryptex itself is beautiful and a real work of art. Thank you so much!

William Lahaie, VT

We bought this gift for my father for Christmas. He loves puzzles and absolutely loved the gift. He is wood carver and marveled at the fine craftsmanship. My mother put a $50 bill inside. After rereading The Da Vinci Code and researching, he was very excited when he solved the riddle and opened the cryptex. Dad is 78 years old and loves to keep the cryptex out on the coffee table as a conversation piece.

Gain Christiaansen, WI

The entire process of contacting you, placing the order – your interest in my “code” word, receiving the cryptex in a short period of time and the beauty/craftsmanship of the cryptex all were perfect. My son loved it! Thank you!!!

Ann King, IN

I am more than satisfied with the cryptex I purchased. In fact, I’m ecstatic. It truly is a unique item and the perfect gift. I am impressed by both the detailed workmanship and how solid the “box” is.

Gerard Angelastro, NY

I've ordered a lot of items over the internet and no other company as every put this much attention towards a single item. Keep this outstanding customer service up. You guys are doing a great job. Thanks!!

Ron, OK

You guys and girls rock! I'm so happy I found ya'll. Thanks.

By the way, inside my cryptex I'm going to have an old antique parchment paper sealed with a wax seal like the Kings of yesteryear did. On the paper is going to be a clue written in invisible ink which will show up with a black light. That clue will lead to more clues which will eventually lead to the computer, where the recipient will have to answer a series of puzzles and riddles and once they are all answered correctly, a Da Vinci style (backwards handwriting) clue will print out automatically, where you have to look at it in the mirror to find out there's an invisible map on it, which leads to the treasure box, locked with a trick puzzle lock, holding gold covered chocolate coins and a puzzle box with a necklace inside. Thanks again.

Charles, NC

I received my wonderful gift yesterday, and tried it out and it works perfectly. The inscription was also beautifully done.

You put Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn to shame. It is a gift for my nephew's law school graduation in January. Can't wait to give it to him. Thank you so much.

Claudia, WI

I just want you to know that I got the 3 Cryptexes today, and I'm so excited I can hardly wait for Christmas. I've already made up the three messages for them to open the cylinders, written in rhyme, and... and ... well, you can imagine. They're for my nearly grown grandkids. Thanks SOOOO much for your super idea, and your incredible craftsmanship. They are elegant! They're all that I hoped for, and more!!! Take a bow!!

Jill, WI

I have never in my 73 years had such thorough and intriguing follow-up with a purchase and I am so very excited about receiving and sharing your cryptex. Thank you, and may memory moments be yours in the coming days - A pleased purchaser

Jane, WI

I received the Cryptex and it's wonderful. Thanks and keep me posted on future products and promotions.

Ray, WI

I just can't thank you enough first for going the extra mile and getting the cryptex to me for Christmas and second, for making it soooooo cool. It was a total hit; he still can't believe he's got his very own cryptex. I just can't express my gratitude and appreciation for your work and extra efforts. I'll be spreading the word about your company to whomever will listen. You guys are GREAT!

Donna, WI

This is very cool and can’t wait to give it to my husband. Thanks for designing this innovative/creative gift-giving item. I know my husband will enjoy the challenge of opening it.

Kris Simpson, WI

It’s beautiful and unique! I’m already thinking of friends who would enjoy (and be challenged) by the design and puzzle. High quality and surely the wood will take a patina as it ages and is handled. Nice! Thanks.

Peter Shuttleworth, WI

The product was exactly what I was looking for. I have heard about these types of objects and wanted one very badly. I couldn’t be happier about the Encrypta cryptex. The best part though was the customer service. Never had I seen this from any company. Thanks for the great gift and future memories. Continue with your company’s hard work and dedication to your product. Thanks again.

Ron Beauford, OK

Service and commitment like the one from your company is rare to find in these days. I was very pleased with the handling of my purchase.

The cryptex is for my son's 12th birthday. He is collecting gemstones, which will be hidden in the cryptex. He has to go on a four-day long quest in solving riddles and anagrams to find the secret code. The first riddle, when solved will tell him in which language the code is. The second, where he can find adequate help, (a big invisible machine which is a search machine like google.com), the third riddle is an anagram and will give him the search word for the solution which is hidden in the fourth riddle in a translation of his native tongue.

I hope you like that story. Everybody I am telling about the upcoming birthday present is exited and I gave your company's address to several friends. I certainly will keep the cryptex in mind for other relatives and friends as an unforgettable birthday present.

Patricia, FL

I just purchased a cryptex from you and was totally satisfied with the service. The correspondence I received felt open and friendly. It seemed that the person I was dealing with truly was interested.

The cryptex itself is well made, actually very pretty. I can not complain about a single thing from your end. So thank you for a very pleasant experience!

Julie, FL

Very nice product! We ordered one each for our 17-year-old and 19-year-old sons for Christmas. It was something they could not anticipate receiving as a gift--and they liked them! It was fun sharing the cryptexes with our company for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Our families were intrigued and enjoyed solving the riddle. We were pleased with the product, your customer service via email, and your web site.

Judy, WI

I wanted to have this cryptex because of the book written by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code. The cryptex was wonderful when I received it and now my friends want to borrow it so they can show it off at work or to friends

Alain Hogue, Quebec, CA

This is a very appropriate gift for my husband, as he enjoys all logic and puzzling problems (guess it's that old 'men need to fix things' syndrome. After buying 45 years worth of gifts, it becomes a 'puzzle within itself' on what will please, intrigue and spark someone's interest. I think this Christmas he will most certainly experience all those emotions, and it will also provide a very personal touch. The cryptex will most likely intrigue all the guests and our families, so he will have lots of suggestions on solving this code. Thank you, Encrypta Gifts, for definitely for providing me with the opportunity to purchase this wonderful gift.

Jan, FL

I was very satisfied with my cryptex - it's beautiful, well made and highly original. I love The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, etc. - as does my son - so this gift was perfect.

Jeanne Hornick, WI

This product is amazing!!. Craftsmanship is superb! I have recommended you to everyone I know!

Dan Miller, MN

My order (two cryptexes) arrived today via UPS and was in perfect condition - well packed with no damage. One has already been delivered as a gift and one has been retained my me, either for personal usage or for future giving. Undecided at this time but, with handling, I am trusting the wood will take on a lustrous patina and become more valuable.

John, IL

I bought the cryptex for my fiancee for Christmas. The ordering process was great... you kept in contact with me the entire time. Also, you were very accommodating in sending the cryptex to another address so my fiancee wouldn't see it. I was very impressed with the finished product. It was wonderful. Thanks again.

Hollie, MI

What a wonderful gift this will be! I appreciate the craftsmanship and careful thought behind EVERYTHING you folks do! Thanks, thanks, thanks!

My wife, who will get this special gift at Christmas will be amazed, as well, by the inner gift of vintage American Indian jewelry that will be placed inside. Just the perfect gift for her. Thanks again!

Richard, NY

The Encrypta cryptex is such a great and unique gift. It gives the opportunity of a puzzle, a mystery to work at and a great little receptacle for an additional item.

The emails that came in initially were wonderful updates on the journey of creation of the cryptex.

Thanks for creating this gift!

Melanie Tipton, VA

The cryptex is beautiful and well made. I’m a teacher, and I was teaching a summer enrichment class based around codes, and your cryptex was a perfect focus for the class! I gave them riddles to help them figure out the code. Even when they were asked to do other activities, they often requested to work on the riddles. My brother and I often send Xmas gifts we have to work on to open, so I plan on ordering another cryptex for him as well. Great job!

James Wysocki, CA

"I custom ordered a cryptex with an 8-letter code for my boyfriend’s birthday. My boyfriend is a clever person and enjoys critical thinking. On his birthday card, I put a quote that reminds me of him from my favorite movie. Despite his high intelligence, he scratched his head for 5 days and was unable to decipher the cryptex code. On the 6th day, he wrote a computer program to generate all the word possibilities from the 8 letters. Then he put those 16,777,216 words into a dictionary to filter out fictitious words. On the 7th day, he finally figured out the code – NOTEBOOK – the first movie we watched together.

I would definitely recommend ordering a cryptex for special occasions or just for fun. The fun and love you share with your loved ones from the process of deciphering the secret code is priceless.”

Josephine Wong, CA

"Very well made, original gift idea.”

Madeline, NJ

"I purchased the Encrypta cryptex as a birthday/anniversary gift for my husband. He absolutely loved "The Da Vinci Code”, and since I was poking around on the net I managed to come across your site. I know how much he likes brainteasers and puzzles, and I thought your cryptex would be something he would really enjoy.

I plan to organize a treasure hunt to go with the clues he’ll find inside the cryptex – with those clues leading to his anniversary present. Call it a two-tired gift if you like. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled when he receives it.”

Sandi Thomas-Goethals, Vancouver, BC

"The idea is totally cool, the workmanship is top-notch and it made the entire gift-giving experience its own event. As I pondered what to give my darling wife for our 21st anniversary, I came across an article for the cryptex. Having just finished reading "The Da Vinci Code,” the cryptex was perfect.

So, I came up with a front and back code and a series of specific clues from our long history together. Frankly, I enjoyed that part so much I almost forget about getting something to put inside! I settled on a pair of earrings my bride had her eye on.

Our anniversary weekend was outstanding and your cryptex was the icing on the cake. Thanks.

Scott, NV

"It was a delight to give a gift in which the packaging of the gift became a keepsake. Doing a custom cryptex with my own riddle surprised, delighted and challenged not only my son, but everyone at the party. For every puzzle loving person, this is truly the gift of the year! Your company did a great job of producing my cryptex and rushing my order to meet my deadline. Thank you. I’ll be ordering more.”

Gayle Steiner, WI

"I don’t know how many people are on your Encrypta Gift team, but it felt like there was always someone assigned specifically to me. Your website is easy to navigate; your follow-up emails are very helpful and designed to put customers at ease; and your service reps are very observant and action oriented. The final product is world class. It looks good just sitting there all by itself. It’s a bonus that it does tricks.”

Anita Hoffman, WI

"I would like to thank you for making my husband's 37th birthday very special and one he'll remember for a long time to come.

As soon as I saw the article about the cryptex, I knew I had to have one to package my husband's birthday gift - an evening at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. At the family celebration dinner, I presented the riddle, as well as the four hints to solve. Upon solving the riddle and opening the cryptex, my husband received the Magic Castle "gift certificate". This was a terrific way to engage our teenage children in celebrating his birthday! I would also like to thank you for going out of your way to build and ship our cryptex on such short notice. Your staff is very friendly and was willing to go above and beyond to accommodate my one-week lead-time.

My husband LOVED his gift and we have enjoyed telling others about his cryptex and the riddles. Thank you again for making his birthday extra special! I'm wondering how I'll top this for next year.”

Bonnie Fricke, CA

"I recently ordered and received an Encrypta cryptex. It was given to my wife for her birthday.

As she wondered what it was and the people at her party tried to figure out how to open it, I smiled and knew I had a truly unique gift. I wrote my own riddle to add a personal touch to the Cryptex's already fine craftsmanship and uniqueness. I put another note with a short riddle inside the chamber directing my wife through the house to a place I had hidden her other gift.

It is a wonderful gift and a fine product. The emails and added attention to detail that your staff provided during the ordering, construction and delivery made for a great experience. One you rarely find anymore.”

William Taylor, IN

"I ordered a second cryptex for daughter-in-law’s birthday and was pleased with how your company accommodated special requests on design and timing. It’s a pleasure to deal with a company keyed to meeting customer expectations.”

Richard Kinsinger, WI

"The cryptex was the perfect gift for my daughter, who is inclined toward puzzles and word games. We all had a lot of fun with it! I was impressed with the solid construction of the device. It is definitely not a one-time thing.”

John Shapely, IL

"I am the recipient of this wonderful gift. My family is always looking for something that will compliment my personal and professional passion for science and math. As a middle school educator, I continue to look for new and exciting ‘tools’ to engage my students. If something excites me, I know I can hook them. Students immediately approached your intriguing puzzle with curiosity and questions and embraced the challenge with multiple perspectives. Thank you for the wonderful gift.”

Gail Kordus, WI

"I love my cryptex. I have it sitting on my desk at work (I’m a pool supervisor) and it is a great conversation piece. The kids visiting the pool love to try to figure out my secret code.”

Sharron Patapoff, OR

"Wonderful Gift!”

Harry Herslof, WI

"For my daughter’s 6th birthday, one neat thing we did was to make her work for her present by solving a riddle, putting the answer in an Encrypta cryptex and then, with the clue found in the cryptex, go hunting for her presents in the house. She had a blast!”

Greg Smith, WI (as posted on his blog at http://www.vistelar.com/gsblog/)

"Sometimes a little challenge in life is good – and a challenge can be fun too!”

Fred Swider, WI

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the cryptex and it’s absolutely lovely. Great craftsmanship and overall a great item to display as well. I’m really excited to send it to my boyfriend for his birthday. We both enjoyed reading The Da Vinci Code so I’m sure he’ll be intrigued with trying to figure out the puzzle! Again, thanks for your courteous and prompt customer service.”

Amy, CA

"Thank you again for making the process so enjoyable and for the care and craftsmanship of the cryptex. This was quite an enjoyable Internet purchase experience!”

Brian, Overseas Military

"Our son, who graduated with a degree in computer science, loved the design and appearance of this cryptex. He also enjoyed the challenge of solving the riddle to find the combination to get his gift. Our daughters were jealous that we hadn’t given them a cryptex yet. We told them we would, when they graduated from college!”

Gregg, CA

"Everything is great. My wife loved the gift. Thanks for everything – I have recommended you guys to everyone!”

Jonathan, CA

"I am extremely pleased with the cryptex that you sent me sooo fast, it was perfect. Thank you for being so prompt, so email friendly.”

Joni, CA

"I received my Encrypta cryptex today and wanted to say "Thank You”. I love it and so do my friends.”

Jose, FL

"The parcel arrived safely today – it is incredible! Thanks so much for sending it. I am really looking forward to giving it to my eldest son. In fact, I can already think of several others in my family would appreciate this sort of present.”

Val, United Kingdom

"I really appreciate the way you keep in touch with me about my order. I hope my son is as excited about this as I am. He is pretty smart for going on 8 and will probably figure the puzzle out in no time. But it will be worth it! Thanks again.”

Tina, IN

"Hey! Thank you for your amazing service. My girlfriend’s birthday is on the 31st of July and I'm 100 percent sure she will be thrilled by this, not to mention the gift! Thank you guyz for you genuine concern and amazing customer service!”

Kevin, IL

"I am very satisfied with my cryptex and I am looking forward to surprising my wife with it.”

Alan, WI

"We were very pleased with the cryptex and the special services provided to get it to us in time for my sister's wedding."

Michelle Hicks, WI

"I am more than satisfied with the cryptex I purchased - in fact, I'm ecstatic. It truly is a unique item and the perfect gift. I'm impressed by both the detailed workmanship and how solid the "box" is."

Gerard Angelastro, NY

""I can't remember how I found out about the Encrypta cryptex - but the moment I went on the website, I knew I had to get it for my fiancé. His birthday was coming up in a few months and I always try to get him something meaningful and fun. The code for the cryptex was the day that we first held hands! When the day of his birthday came, after having dinner with his family, we presented him with his gifts. Dinner was quiet and uneventful, but when my fiancé opened the box with the cryptex, everyone started to get excited and wanted to see the clues. The cryptex just brightened up our evening and brought life back into the party. My fiancé was so touched, but frustrated because it took so long to solve the code. The cryptex was truly magical. Thank you so much!"

Jennfer Hur, NJ

"I am so very happy with the cryptex! It is a birthday present for my dad. I had it delivered to my work and had to open it right away. Everyone loved it so much!!! Thank you for a wonderful gift!"

Jessica, IL

"My husband loved the cryptex. It took him a little while to figure out the riddle, but that was no fault of yours. Apparently, I am not as clever as I thought I was. It was a wonderful anniversary gift, especially for someone who is hard to buy for. The Encrypta cryptex sits on the end table in our den (it is a beautiful piece) and all our friends and family ask about it when they see it. We have referred several of them to your website. We have been nothing but pleased with the ordering, the correspondence and the product. Wishing you and your product much success."

Kathleen, VA

"My Encrypta cryptex arrived while I was out of town so I opened it today. I didn't really know what to expect but I just wanted to let you know that it is unbelievably amazing - so much so that I will be ordering a custom one for my husband's 50th birthday. Thank you so much."

Priscilla, VA

"I'd like to really thank Nicole for her outstanding customer service. She really went out of her way to assist in my purchasing of the Encrypta cryptex for my parent's anniversary. She was patient with me and answered all of my questions to the smallest detail. I can't thank her enough for allowing me to give my folks such a one-of-a-kind gift. Thank you again."

David, LA


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