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“It’s beautiful and unique! Nice! Thanks.”
Peter Shuttleworth, WI

"Wonderful Gift!”
Harrry Herslof, WI

Discover the realities and problems of gift selection


Cryptex Story

Read a letter from the designer of the Encrypta
cryptex to learn the secrets of this unique gift.

From: Carlos de la Huerga
Milwaukee, WI
Thursday 4:30 PM

Dear Friend,

Do you know what this is?

It's called a cryptex and it is believed to have been originally conceived in the 1500s by Leonardo da Vinci.

Once you discover its unique characteristics, I'm confident you'll completely understand why it has been described as the world's perfect gift.

Before I disclose the secrets of its design and application, I want to briefly tell you the story of how the Encrypta™ cryptex came into existence.

Turning an idea into reality

I'm an innovator at heart, with over twenty patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office and have another ten or so pending. With those innovations, I've founded several companies and established licensing relationships with a few others.

So when it came time for my daughter's 9th birthday, I really couldn't stomach the idea of going to Toys-R-Us to get her a gift. And I had grown tired of the gift cards and online wish-lists that have become so prevalent – and believed there was a way to recapture the traditional fun and excitement of gift-giving.

So I grabbed one of my partners - a brilliant engineer by day and hobbyist woodworker by night - and convinced him to spend the weekend with me in his basement woodworking shop. I had developed what I thought was a pretty cool idea over the previous few weeks but I needed his help to turn my inspiration into a reality.

My hope was that we could design and build something that would meet all of my criteria for a truly special gift - thoughtful, surprising, and fun.

By Sunday night, what sat in front of me on my dining room table exceeded even my expectations.

Transforming my daughter’s gift into a business

So, of course, the following week, my wife and I gave it to my daughter and it was an absolute hit. Not only did she love it, but it turned her 9th birthday into a day that my wife and I won't soon forget.

Then an amazing thing happened – family and friends began asking me to make a cryptex for them.

After this marvelous experience, I started to think I might have come up with something that was pretty darn special. So I did what any good innovator does:

  • Built a variety of prototypes
  • Filed two patents with the US patent office
  • Decided on a trademark - Encrypta™ cryptex
  • Developed a process for getting the product produced
  • Introduced it to more individuals and retailers.

The response was overwhelming – in fact, most people asked when they could get one. This led me to form Encrypta Gifts in early 2005.

Encrypta cryptex - its secrets revealed

First let me describe what is visible in the pictures.

The Encrypta™ cryptex is handcrafted using select hardwoods and solid brass - and stands about 71/2 inches tall. There are 7 precision-fit, 8-sided tumblers, labeled with characters, which rotate 360 degrees. The tumbler labels can be letters, numbers, symbols, blanks, or any combination.

As you can see, the product has a rich look and feel and a design that could be centuries old.

It also has a very unusual attribute - no one within 10 feet of it can resist picking it up. You just can’t be in the same room without gravitating to it. There's something about its design, size and rotating tumblers that compels people to want to hold it in their hands and manipulate its moving parts.

So that is what's visible. But it's the hidden aspects the cryptex that really make it special.

If you look carefully, you'll see a small brass dot at the top and bottom of one of the 8 sides. If the characters on each tumbler are aligned with this dot correctly, then the cap can be pulled out - exposing a hidden chamber-key inside.

This hidden chamber-key has a three-quarters inch by 4 inch cavity that can contain a variety of small items.

Are you starting to see why this product has been described as the world's perfect gift?

The application possibilities are almost endless

Now that you know the design secrets of the Encrypta cryptex, I want to share the application secrets.

As you may have already realized, the 7 character secret code that opens the cryptex can be based on a wide-variety of ideas.

  • Riddle, Word Puzzle
  • Name (person, team, school)
  • Birthday (date of birth, 50_BDAY)
  • Appreciation Message (THANK_U, GOODJOB, HOORAY, NICEONE)
  • Anniversary (25YEARS, date)
  • Holiday (NOEL_06, MENORAH)
  • Number (phone, patent)

Obviously, the opportunities to personalize your gift for the recipient via the cryptex's code are varied and vast.

Can you see how much fun you could have with this and how you could use this code to show your thoughtfulness?

I am not going to even try to share all of the possiblities here because I've found that people's imagination and creativity for devising a code for a particular friend or family member is always exceedingly better than anything I could come up with.

But think in these terms: challenge, mystery, treasure hunt, surprise, celebration, pride, memory, educational, incentive to read a book – the possibilities are almost endless.

I will, however, share the code I used with my daughter. When she was much younger, her favorite book included a riddle that we had probably read hundreds of times:

"Something that you want to be
      Something you can try to be
            Something no one can ever be
                  What is it? "

Have you got it? Not too easy, huh?

Well it took my daughter some time to figure it out, but when she did, she was elated. Just the fun we had together in solving the riddle was pretty special all by itself (by the way if you can't figure it out and must see the answer Click Here)

But, as you'll see below, this was just the start of the fun.

What can be offered inside?

Just like with the code, the options for the gift within the hidden chamber-key are varied and vast.

Here are just some of the possibilities:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Gift Certificate
  • Jewelry
  • Personal Note (Encrypta notepaper included)
  • Key (gift box, car)
  • Treasure Hunt Clue
  • Directions to Gift
  • Website Address

At the extreme, giving a Encrypta cryptex could turn into a treasure hunt that could last hours, days or even longer - and create the need for the giver and receiver to continue to interact by mail, phone or even the Internet.

Again, I'll let you imagine the best gift choice for that special person who will be receiving a cryptex from you.

But, can you see how easily you can make this gift meet the very difficult criteria of a great present - being both thoughtful AND wanted - delivering both surprise AND fun?

With my daughter, I placed another riddle within the hidden chamber-key where the answer led her to a special hiding place where all her gifts from us and other members of our family were located.

She had the time of her life figuring out that location (as did we) and then discovering the big treasure.

Gift selection - a lost art

My guess is, if you're like everyone else who's seen the cryptex you're already starting to imagine the possibilities for using it as a gift for your friends and family.

That’s what makes the Encrypta cryptex so special – it allows people to recapture the traditional fun and excitement of gift-giving.

See, for me, gift-selection has become a lost art. It used to be that people had the time and energy to find those "perfect gifts" for family and friends. Gifts that were thoughtful, surprising and fun.

But it seems that the vast majority of us have thrown in the towel on trying to accomplish this difficult feat. We're giving "money-gifts" (cash, checks, gift-cards) in record numbers or following the other major trend of providing items directly off of people's wish lists.

Sure, these two approaches satisfy the "want" requirement for a good gift, but they fail miserably in being thoughtful, surprising and fun.

If you are interested in reading more about the problems and realities of gift-selection, I encourage you to visit www.worldsperfectgift.com. At this website, you can learn:

  • The staggering increase in gift-card purchases
  • Why it really is "the thought that counts"
  • The challenge of giving thoughtful gifts
  • Why gift-giving has become a pressure cooker
  • The characteristics of a perfect gift

The world's perfect gift

I would assume that, by now, you have a much better understanding of why the Encrypta cryptex has been described as the world's perfect gift.

So, if you are like most everyone else who's heard this story, you’re probably ready to order one. To learn how, please CLICK HERE.

Best regards,

Carlos de la Huerga

P.S. To learn about commissioning the design of a one-of-a-kind cryptex and other special services from Encrypta Gifts, please go to Personalize.

P.S.S. The Encrypta cryptex is 100% guaranteed: If you aren't completely satisfied with your cryptex, just return it within 90 days for a full refund with absolutely no hassles.


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